Culinary Countdown: Shivani’s Kitchen Holiday Gift Bundle

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Countdown to Christmas

We’re making your holiday shopping easy this year with 24 Days of Taste, Nova Scotia’s Culinary Countdown.

From December 1 to 24, join us as we count down to Christmas with 24 amazing local gift ideas to fill stockings, make at home, put under the tree, give as host gifts or share with family and friends for your holiday entertaining!

Shivani's Kitchen Holiday Gift Bundle

DECEMBER 11: Shivani’s Kitchen Holiday Gift Bundle

Make authentic Butter Chicken and spicy Chicken Tikka in the comfort of your home! Shivani’s ready to use sauces make cooking quick and easy.  Use their spice blends and create authentic Indian creamy butter chicken dishes with their online recipes.

In the gift bundle you will find:

  • 2 Shivani’s Butter Chicken Spice Blends ($8.95 each)
  • 3 Shivani’s Ready to Use Tikka Sauces ($7.99 each)
  • 3 Shivani’s Ready to Use Butter Chicken Sauces ($7.99 each)

Their ready to use sauces are vegan (dairy-free option) or vegetarian with no preservatives, no gluten and no salt.  They also use fresh ingredients from local farmers. The spice blends include no gluten or salt and all products are made in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Happy Holidays from Shivani’s family to yours!

Price: $55.96 (regular $65.84)
Where to Purchase: Holiday Gift Bundles are available online with curbside pickup or delivery in HRM. They also offer free shipping in Canada with purchases of $60 or more. 
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Shivani’s Kitchen Butter Chicken

Shivani's Kitchen Butter Chicken

Make authentic Butter Chicken from the comfort of your home! Shivani’s Kitchen sauces are ready to use and make cooking quick and easy!  The Butter Chicken sauce features a unique blend of spices with fresh ingredients from local farmers with no preservatives, gluten or salt with vegan or vegetarian choices (dairy free option). 


250 gm Chicken thighs or chicken breasts
1 container Shivani’s Kitchen Butter Chicken Ready to Use Sauce


  1. Grill chicken in oven at temperature of 350 F for 20 to 30 minutes until cooked. (option to bbq)
  2. Thaw Shivani’s Butter Chicken Ready to Use Sauce in fridge or microwave.
  3. Place in pan (add 100 mg of water or coconut milk), salt to taste and add cooked chicken.
  4. Bring to a boil.  Your creamy butter chicken dish is ready!
  5. Serve with a steamed bowl of rice or quinoa (any grain of choice). You can also serve this with roti/naan or paratha.

Recipe provided by: Shivani’s Kitchen

About Shivani’s Kitchen:

Family owned and operated, Shivani’s Kitchen was built on love and passion for Nova Scotia and the opportunity to experience the bold, authentic flavors of India.  Shivani Dhijaba, owner and mother, is a visionary who first took a leap of faith in 2014, trusting that something special could be established to share ethnic Indian food experiences in Nova Scotia. She wanted to create a world-class experience while building a future for her family.

Having been founded in 2014, using a generations old family recipe, our  Spice Blends and Ready to Use Sauces help you create delicious dishes like dreamy Butter Chicken, sweet and savory Curry, and spicy Tikka. 

We hand-craft and blend our spices in Nova Scotia, with no gluten and no salt.  We only use fresh ingredients from our local farmers for our sauces, from the tempting creamy butter chicken to our spicy tikka sauce with vegetarian/vegan/dairy-free choices. Our sauces have no preservatives, no gluten and no salt. 

Every dish you create celebrates the flavors of India.  Experience the sweetness, spiciness and savory tastes that are delighting food lovers. 

Craving inspiration? Find authentic recipes here. 

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