Friday Night Drinks: Vol. 6

Good Cheer Month: Drinks

It isn’t hard to find exceptional cider, wine, beer and craft spirits being produced across Nova Scotia by passionate artisans. Check out this week’s Friday Night Drinks blog to help inspire your inner mixologist, get recommendations for your next local purchase, and celebrate the people behind these fantastic local products.

This holiday season we have an easy twist on a classic cocktail recipe featuring black current liqueur, as well as new products from Annapolis Cider Company, Raging Crow Distillery, Jost Vineyards, Saltbox Brewing Company, Ironworks Distillery and Still Fired Distilleries.

Port Williams Mule

While December is typically filled with sweet and delicious treats you may find yourself looking for something a bit more refreshing. This year, trade in your gingerbread cookies for ginger beer as you take a classic Moscow Mule recipe to the next level.

While this Port Williams Mule features exceptionally smooth vodka from Barrelling Tide, it is the distillery’s flavourful Black Currant Liqueur that’s on display in this drink. The liqueur’s unique flavour profile is able to balance the spice of the ginger beer perfectly, resulting in a refreshing and delectable cocktail that can be shared with family and friends this holiday season!


1 oz Barrelling Tide Vodka
¾ oz Barrelling Tide Black Currant Liqueur
4 oz Ginger Beer to top
2 Lime wedges


Make: one serving

  1. Squeeze one lime wedge into a tall glass then fill with ice.
  2. Add vodka, and liqueur.
  3. Top with ginger beer and give the drink a quick stir before squeezing the last wedge of lime on top.

Recipe provided by: Jeff Van Horne, Barrelling Tide Distillery

Local Source Guide

Distilleries: Barrelling Tide Distillery, Coldstream Clear Distillery, Compass Distillers, Caldera Distilling Inc., Halifax Distilling Co., Ironworks Distillery, Steinhart Distillery, Still Fired Distillery


New Products

Not in the mood to whip up this savoury recipe? Don’t worry – we have you covered with a few new local beverages released this month!

Haskap & Pear

Annapolis Cider Company’s new Haskap & Pear, a 7.0% abv sparkling cider, is a blend of their signature dry cider with juice from locally harvested Haskap berries and fresh-pressed juice from Bartlett, Bosc and Flemish Beauty pears. Haskap berries, also known as Blue Honeysuckle, are a berry similar to a blueberry, but with a much tarter taste that has been compared to a blend of raspberry and blackcurrant flavors. The tart Haskap lends colour and tannin to this medium-bodied cider that features a deep rose hue, vibrant notes of ripe berries and subtle hints of aromatic pear.

Calling all Gin Lovers!

Raging Crow Distillery has launched their own traditional gin, “Caw-Caw-Phany”. Made by blending a cacophony of 11 botanicals into a harmonious, pleasant gin. Juniper, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, angelica root, orris root, rose hips, cardamom, lavender, chamomile and pink peppercorns have never tasted so good!

Cuvée Brut

Jost Vineyards’ Cuvée Brut is made using Seyval Blanc, a well-known grape variety in Nova Scotia, combined with Chardonnay and a touch of Pinot Noir. This non-vintage traditional method sparkling is made up of vintages from 2012-2015. Aged on the lees for over two years and finished with a 6 g/l dosage, this sparkling has expressive aromatics, a bright acidity and a powerful minerality on the finish.

Saltbox Brewing Company

Hunter Brandy

Hunter Brandy is Ironworks Distillery’s latest Apple Brandy release. Named after Raymond Hunter, a farmer from the Annapolis Valley, this limited volume release is 100% organic and has been distilled for three years.

Candy Cane craze

This candy cane vodka from Still Fired Distilleries is a true Christmas spirit. Currently, it’s sold out at the distillery but there are limited quantities available with their reps at a few markets around the province. Check out their Facebook page for full details.

Friday Night Drinks is a 2019 monthly feature profiling local beverages.

 Written by Lindsey MacDonald.

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