Local Toast Toppers

When you need a tasty snack, there’s nothing easier than making toast and spreading something sweet on top. The next time you’re at the local farmers’ market or grocery store, keep your eyes peeled for these local toast toppings. They’re easy to find, easy to love, and your taste buds will thank you!

Tangled Garden’s Gooseberry Lemon Balm Jam

Tangled Garden has many great products, and for breakfast, we love their Gooseberry Lemon Balm Jam. If you haven’t had gooseberries before, they’re slightly tangy, but in this jam, the tang and sweetness from the sugar, along with the citrusy notes from the lemon make a tasty trio. Slather it onto your favourite toasted local bread with some butter.

Harvest & Wild’s Caramelized Red Onion Chutney

bottle of harvest and wild chutney next to toasted cheese sandwiches

At Harvest and Wild, their goal is to celebrate fresh local produce and traditional small batch cooking methods, by creating products with delicious and exciting flavour profiles. Their Caramelized Red Onion Chutney recipe has been in the family for years, and features red onion, a tang of balsamic and a tiny bit of heat.

Galloping Cows’ Red Pepper Jelly

Galloping cows red pepper jelly on a cutting board with bagel sandwiches

Galloping Cows Fine Foods is always a great place to stop when passing through Cape Breton, but luckily, you can also purchase their products online, at several independent retailers, and some Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore locations! Their Red Pepper Jelly is one of their product staples.

Cornect Family Farm’s HoneyLiscious Cinnamon Spread

Cornect Family Farm has been producing artisan honey from the many wildflowers and blueberry blossoms in their surrounding area for over nineteen years. Their HoneyLiscious Cinnamon Spread is nothing short of delicious! If you’ve never had the simple pleasure of honey and cinnamon drizzled on toast, you’re missing out!

Helen B’s Preserves’ Jams

Helen B’s Preserves’ mission is to preserve the tradition of coming together over good food with friends and family. This is why they create their products with a passion for quality and local ingredients. They have plenty of delicious products to choose from, but their various flavours of jam will definitely make your mornings tastier! Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, or Scrooge’s jam, you name it, they’ve got it!

Big Cove Foods’ Root Beer Jelly

Root beer for breakfast? Why not?! It might take a second to wrap your head around this one, but the sweetness of the root beer combined with the earthy, savoury flavours that make root beer so good are what make this jelly stand out. Whether you’re a kid or you just want to feel like one for a minute, you should try unique product from Big Cove Foods!

This blog was inspired and is based on a blog that was originally published by Select Nova Scotia and Communications Nova Scotia.

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