Pi(e) Day!

apple pie

You don’t have to be a math genius to get excited about Pi(e)

When you hear the word Pi, you might start to recite  “3.14159265359…”, but all we can think about is the kind of pie you can sink your teeth into! Lucky for all of us March 14 (3.14) is Pi Day. A day all about sweet and savory pies! Here are some of our local favorites that would be perfect to eat in celebration.

For your Sweet Tooth

Have a sweet tooth? Enjoy a slice, take a slice with you to enjoy later, or whip one up at home!

Savour the Savory

You’d like to savor these celebrations? We have got you covered with seafood filling, flaky pastry and traditional comfort food.

Take Out & Take Home

If you don’t feel like cooking, grab something to go or try a pre-made pie from one of these Taste of Nova Scotia members. All you need to do is put it in the oven!

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