International Women’s Day

int. women's day

Nova Scotia is home to exceptional entrepreneurs, innovative chefs and a supportive culinary community. On this International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the talented women in Nova Scotia’s culinary industry.

The women featured below are just a few of the chefs, farmers, fishers, winemakers, brewers, distillers, cider makers, bakers, artisans, entrepreneurs, risk takers and leaders we’re proud to have making their mark on Nova Scotia.

Restaurant Industry

The many women in Nova Scotia’s restaurant industry have helped shape the culinary fabric of this province. They are an exceptional collection of chefs, owners, managers, servers, sommeliers, and more. Some of these talented women include Renée Lavallée of The Canteen, Janie Bogardus of The Watch That Ends The Night, Misty Thibeault of Rebecca’s Restaurant, Jennie Dobbs of Morris East, Sylvie Ruiz-Salvador of The Beach Pea, Salt Shaker Deli and South Shore Fish Shack, Heather Rankin of Obladee, Rachel Knox and Nicole Raufeisen of Little Oak and The Ostrich Club, Quita Gray of Sugar Moon Farm, Meryl Atkinson of The Henley House, and Virginia Fynes and Lauren Franey of The Union Street.

Wine Industry

Wine is near and dear to the hearts of the women making an impact on this industry. Their vineyards have become attractions among the locals and tourists because of their attention to detail, exceptional products and beautiful scenery. Whether managing the winery or making the wine itself, women like Geena Luckett of Luckett Vineyards, Jocelyn Lightfoot and Rachel Lightfoot of Lightfoot & Wolfville, Heather Sanft of Lunenburg County Winery Barbara Thomson of Petite Riviere Vineyards, and Gina Haverstock of Gaspereau Vineyards and Annapolis Cider Company have a lot to celebrate.

Craft Beer

Rebecca Atkinson of Sober Island Brewing, Emily Tipton of Boxing Rock Brewing Company, Kellye Robertson of Shipwright Brewing Company and Christiane Jost of Tatamagouche Brewing Company are just a few of the women leading the charge in Nova Scotia’s craft beer industry. From award-winning products, to unique brews, these women have made their breweries stand-out among local beer enthusiasts.

Craft Spirits

Lynne MacKay of Ironworks Distillery, Beverly McClare of Tangled Garden, Colleen Murphy of Barrelling Tide Distillery and Jill Linquist of Raging Crow Distillery have been inspired by the flavours that surround them and have brought innovative profiles to our liquor cabinets. The next time you’re enjoying one of their fine products make sure to thank the women responsible for them!

Seafood & Agri-food Producers

Joline D’Entremont of Evan’s Fresh Seafood, Hana Nelson of Afishionado, Nancy and Rachel Purdy of Bay Enterprises, Kim D’Eon of Eel Lake Oyster Farm and Margie Lamb of Meadowbrook Meat Market are a few powerhouses who understand the value of supporting local because they’ve raised, caught or created many the products we love so much!


Jennifer Laughlin of Schoolhouse Gluten Free Gourtmet, Helen Buchan of Mrs.MacGregor’s Shortbreads, Sheena Russell and Kathy Cooper-MacDonald of Made with Local, Audrey Duggan of Tidal Salt, Ingrid Dunsworth of The Cake Lady, Joanne Schmidt of Galloping Cows, Heather Lunan of Pie R Squared and Margaret Cornect of Cornect Family Farm have created a collection of locally inspired artisanal products, including prepared foods, snacks, preserves, baked goods and more.

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