Guide to Get Your Hands on Local at Local Source Market

The Local Source Market works to provide access to local, fresh, high-quality products that support a healthy lifestyle and allow customers to support local food and in turn, the local economy. Check out our list of the Taste of Nova Scotia products available at Local Source to assist you in getting your hands on local the next time you head to the store..

Look for the Taste of Nova Scotia logo where you eat, drink and shop to easily find products that are harvested, grown, and produced right here in Nova Scotia! From our land. From our sea. From our hands. There are SO many ways to Get Your HANDS on local!


Grocery List

In Nova Scotia, you can find an abundance of freshly harvested produce available all year long. Local Source has a vast selection of local fruit and vegetables to enjoy, along with many Taste producer products available for purchase:

Meat & Seafood

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Local farmers and fishers are an important part of our Nova Scotian culinary experience. Check out our list of the producers of Nova Scotia meat and seafood products that you’ll find on your next trip to the Local Source Market.


Fox Hill Cheese House Products

Experience local dairy products with Fox Hill Cheese House. Their sixth-generation family farm, produces milk, specialty cheese, natural yogurt, and fresh pasteurized, non-homogenized milk in glass bottles. Their all-natural yogurt is available at the Local Source Market.

Knoydart Cheese House & Farm dairy is on the shelves at Local Source, their grass-fed, organic cheese curds and cheddar cheeses come in a variety of flavors, including peppercorn, garlic, dill caraway and cranberry.  


bag of laughing whale storm coffee on red table

Never underestimate the joy of a cup of local coffee – Nova Scotian coffee roasters have your local coffee cravings covered. At Local Source you’ll find Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters – they produce sustainable, ethical and delicious coffee that will have you “laughing” in no time.

Pantry and Snack Items

Photo of Helen Bs Preserves listing photo

Fill your pantry staples with local products by looking for the Taste of Nova Scotia logo on these pantry staples and snack items.


guide to GYHOL

Sip local flavors all year long by trying a locally made beverage. 

Local Source

Address: 2530 Agricola Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4C5, Canada

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday & Monday, closed.

Contact: 902.406.0757


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