Recipe Round-Up: Chowder Champions

Photo of: Agricola Street Seafood Chowder

It’s Chowder Month at Taste of Nova Scotia, so get ready, because we’re rounding-up some of our favourite seafood chowder recipes for you. Some recipes are packed with lobster while others feature an array of seafoods, but the one thing they have in common is they’re all delicious.  Keep scrolling for the ultimate chowder side-kick recipe – Buttermilk Biscuits.

1. Mateus Bistro Seafood Chowder

This Saltscapes 2017 Chowder Cook-Off winner from chef Matt Krizan of Mateus Bistro features a simple, light broth made of just local mussels and haddock. With chef Matt’s Eastern Europe influence, this versatile seafood chowder recipe is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

2. Lane’s Privateer Inn Creamy Seafood Chowder

This creamy seafood chowder from Lane’s Privateer Inn has been on their menu since 1962. While the chowder has evolved over the years, what makes it stand out from the crowd is that there’s no flour in the recipe. The potatoes act as a natural thickener. Featuring haddock, scallops and lobster, even those sensitive to gluten will be licking the bowl clean.

3. Le Caveau Seafood Chowder

Photo of: Le Caveau Seafood Chowder

This seafood chowder from Le Caveau’s chef Jason Lynch is a unique take on a Nova Scotia classic and uses scallops, lobster… and almonds! To take this chowder to the next level make sure to pair it with Grand Pre’s Tidal Bay.

4. Cabot Links Seafood Chowder

Photo of: Cabot Links - Chowder for Chowder Week

Haddock, scallops, lobster and bacon – yep you heard us correctly, bacon! – come together to make this award-winning chowder from Cabot Links a showstopper.

5. Agricola Street Seafood Chowder

Photo of: Agricola Street Seafood Chowder

Similar to the previous recipe from Cabot Links, this seafood chowder from Agricola Street Brasserie features a very special ingredient – white wine! It also includes the most seafood of all our recipes listed – scallops, salmon, mussels, and clams.

6. Chives Buttermilk Biscuits

Photo of: Chives Buttermilk Biscuits

Make your chowder extra-hearty with this delicious Buttermilk biscuit recipe from Chives Canadian Bistro. A happy accident led to these biscuits becoming a signature item on dinner tables at Chives each night. Click the recipe link to learn the story.

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