Recipe Round Up: Holiday Happy Hour

Good Cheer Month: Drinks

Whether enjoying a happy hour with your loved ones in-person or giving a cheers from afar, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite locally-inspired cocktails for the holidays. They all feature local ingredients and we’ve even provided the details on where you can find them! Turn on the holiday tunes and toast to health, happiness and making it through this year together.

1. Montavista Mulled Wine

Photo of: Mulled wine, Avondale Sky

Mulled wine – also known as spiced wine, couldn’t be easier to make. This festive beverage has been a favourite for a long time, and we’re sure you and your virtual happy hour friends will all enjoy!

Local Source Guide:

Recipe: Montavista Mulled Wine

2. Coldstream Ocean Breeze

Locally cranberries and cranberry juice are showcased alongside Coldstream Clear‘s Premium Vodka and Coconut Liqueur in this tasty recipe.

Local Source Guide:

Recipe: Coldstream Ocean Breeze 

3. Pear Collins with Ironworks Pear Eau de Vie

This cocktail is pear-y sweet and delicious! Mixing Ironworks Distillery‘s Pear Eau de Vie and local sparkling wine makes for an elegant bubbly drink that’s easy to sip on.

Local Source Guide

Recipe: Pear Collins with Ironworks Pear Eau de Vie 

4. The Darkest Depths Cocktail

For the beer fans, this adult cola features your favourite Nova Scotian flavours including rum, root beer, and a stout from Shipwright Brewing Company.

Local Source Guide:

Recipe: The Darkest Depths Cocktail

5. Mulled Apple Cider

Mulled Cider

Over the holidays, it’s always nice to have a warm drink to cozy up to the fire with – or over a screen to connect with those you cannot be with. This recipe for a mug of Mulled Apple Cider brings local apple cider to the next level and comfort you during this different holiday season. This is also a great non-alcoholic option for the holidays.

Local Source Guide: 

Recipe: Mulled Apple Cider 

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