Cheese, Charcuterie & Seafood Board

Charcuterie board

This Taste of Nova Scotia cheese, charcuterie and seafood board is your new holiday party staple. While it looks elaborate, it’s actually the key to a stress-free holiday gathering. So go on, celebrate!


  1. Be creative: Every board can be different – there’s no hard and fast rules to follow! We’ve got such a great variety of local products to choose from in Nova Scotia.
  2. Select a variety of cheese:  Choose an assortment of seasonings and textures to keep everyone’s taste buds satisfied.
  3. Add meat or fish: We’re lucky to have a variety of cured seafood and savoury charcuterie in Nova Scotia to suit your fancy.
  4. Include jams or preserves: Balance out the meat and fish with a little sweetness – you can even add fruit.
  5. Embrace the bread: Sliced baguettes are perfect for pairing ingredients together.
  6. The end result: Display your selections on a hand-crafted board from Ashwurks.
  7. Perfect pairings: Don’t forget to pair with your favourite Nova Scotia wine, beer, spirit or cider!

Looking for inspiration? We suggest mixing and matching:

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Photography by: Jess Emin

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