Get Your Hands on Local!

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From our land. From our sea. From our hands. There are SO many ways to Get Your HANDS on local! 

Beginning February 17, look for the Taste of Nova Scotia logo in provincial retailers across the province. From produce to bakery and every aisle in between – in Nova Scotia, you can find an abundance of local product YEAR-ROUND. 

With Taste of Nova Scotia signage in over 150 retail locations across the province, we are helping you make local choices easier than ever before. Look for the Taste of Nova Scotia logo where you eat, drink and shop to easily find products that are harvested, grown and produced right here in Nova Scotia! 

Click the links below to view the chef recipes that were featured as part of the Get Your Hands on Local launch.


A photo of the wordmark for the Get Your Hands On Local campaign


Have you discovered a new local product? Tried something new? We would love to hear from you! Use #GetYourHandsOnLocal to share your local story on social!

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