Guide to Get Your Hands on Local at the NSLC

In Nova Scotia, we’re lucky to be home to wineries, distilleries, cideries, and breweries from one end of the province to the other.

Looking for a guide to purchase local beverage alcohol products? Our Guide to Get Your Hands on Local at the NSLC will make it easy for you to get your hands on as many Taste of Nova Scotia identified products as possible on your next trip.

Look for the Taste of Nova Scotia logo where you eat, drink and shop to easily find products that are harvested, grown and produced right here in Nova Scotia! From our land. From our sea. From our hands. There are SO many ways to Get Your HANDS on local!


Dating back to 1611, when French settler Louis Hébert planted a small vineyard in Bear River, wine has had a long and rich history in Nova Scotia. Because of its soil and microclimates, our province is home to distinct and high-quality grapes, allowing the effect of the Atlantic Ocean to give us vineyards like no other. At the NSLC, you’ll find the following Taste of Nova Scotia wineries:


In Nova Scotia you’re never far from award-winning craft beer – in fact, you’re likely no more than a 30-minute drive from a brewery! There are more than 50 breweries across the province producing unique, world-class beers using local ingredients. The Nova Scotia craft beer industry is booming and for good reason! The NSLC carries the following Taste of Nova Scotia breweries:


thomas steinhart distilling

In Nova Scotia, we have many incredible distillers across the province who help define Nova Scotia’s role in distilling on an international scale. From brandy, rum, gin, vodka and whisky to ready-to-drink cocktails and coolers, Nova Scotia’s spirit industry is broad and full of variety. You’ll find the following local distilleries at the NSLC:


Muwin Estates Orchard

Cider has become a Nova Scotian favourite. Although it’s made all over the world, Nova Scotia’s ciders reflect the character of the region. They can be sweet, dry, or strong and are loved for being lighter than beer but as sophisticated as wine.

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